"Routhmeir Sterling Inc. is a leader in the acquisition, servicing, and disposition of consumer debt portfolios. Since 1999, they have been at the forefront of this industry, working with customers to retire yet unresolved consumer accounts... They are still outstanding." 

                                                                                                                                        Chicago Midwest Consumer Review      October 2020

At Routhmeir Sterling Inc., our process works on a combination of listening to our customers about their credit issues, and working with them seamlessly, to cure their credit issues holistically, not just our account with them.  Our process takes a look at their current and projected debt to income ratios based on their current circumstances, and searches our many bank and non-bank clients in an attempt to resolve these matters for good.

Many of our customers have issues such as outstanding judgments, tax liens, garnishments, bank levies, or other major reasons they have defaulted on certain debts.  When a customer is in default, the need to prioritize their debts becomes very important, with the most attention paid to major debts, like mortgages, car payments, insurance payments, and other necessary living expenses.  This attention prioritization is understandable, however it often causing the customer stress and developing anxiety over financial obligations they are not currently able to meet in full. 

This is where our years of expertise and client contacts can benefit our customers situation. By using our extensive time accrued relationship "tool box" to find the best solution for them and us. Through reduced payoffs, settlements, payment plans, and refinance options, we have been able to help our customers avoid bankruptcy, greatly reduce their stress levels, and regain that sense of financial confidence that has eluded them for years.

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