May 17, 2021

Asset Management Unit

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Routhmeir Sterling Inc.


April 27, 2021

Sale Description

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National/ State

Credit Card / Out Stat  79%            Judgment Files :  IA. NE, MO, KS,  GA

               In Stat      21%

Sale Description:

R.Sterling Financial-Capital Fund I,II will be listing multiple portfolios for sale on the National and State levels soon.  The total amount of the May 2021
sales will be approximately $460 million.  The accounts in these pools will consist of Routhmeir Sterling's Retained Inventory through June 15, 2018.
Routhmeir's investment strategy has always been Acquisition, Collection, Legal, and Sales.  Following Acquisition, Routhmeir applied current
scoring models, based on FICO scores, to retain the top 20% of each file.  The remaining 80% were sold on the State Level to our attorney clients in each

state.  Routhmeir's Core States consisted of IA,MO, KS, NE, and GA.  We have judgments in these states, which will be listed separately , but could be combined

with the State files for the right buyer.  Only the Core States were lettered.  The remaining 45 States (Non-Core States) have never been lettered or worked by

Routhmeir in anyway.  These Non-Core States have not been called in multiple years since acquisition.  95% of this portfolio consists of portfolios purchased

from Tier1 buyers,(Examples:  SquareTwo, CollectAmerica, Unifund, Forward Properties, etc.) as 1agency(12mo) or 2agency(6mo) files, who purchased on

Forward Flow contracts with the Issuers.  Therefore, these accounts came with a very short title chain, Issuer, Tier1,  Routhmeir. 

Important Seller Disclosure:       As a result of the recent Texas power issues, Routhmeir's server in our Wyle, TX. office experienced not only an outage
but a partial data loss due to backup failure.   We are working with the sellers to recover these documents, and should have a majority soon, but there will be

a few accounts with incomplete title chains, period.  We lost a few of the title chain documents, and in 1 case the final data file for th e portfolios.

It is our intention to make full disclosure.

Many of you buyers either know me, have previously bought from Routhmeir Sterling, or know how I do business which is always protection of

our company reputation first, by always stating exactly what the investor is considering to acquire.  We never bought a deal without the complete

title chain.  These were clean deals.  In addition, Routhmeir bought, due to wishing to continue certain flow relationships for our Core States,

accounts in other states as you will see from the sales pool list. 

This is a clean buy in a time when there is very little inventory available in the market that has respectable title chains available, or not being sold by

investors or brokers where debt acquisitions is not their primary business.  Most of these accounts have literally not been touched after they left

the Tier1 buyer.  This is a good deal even if you only need floor inventory.  We will have the other half ready, probably in July.

I will post a copy of the Confidentiality Agreement, the Loan Sale Agreement, sample of Media we have,  and a sample of the Tier1 seller's BOS

from the Issuers.  If you have interest and further questions, please feel free to call our office at 319-210-0378.

Thank you for your attention.

Todd M. Cory

Managing Partner

Routhmeir Sterling Inc.